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xorit command line help

XorIt (xorit) v1.11 build 2003100 - generic xor utility (64-bit enabled)
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2008-2020

  xorit [options] [input_file]

  An input file may be specified as the data to be hashed; if a file is not
  specified, input will be read from STDIN.

  -kf <file>     - key data is loaded from specified file
  -kd <string>   - key char-data specified directly from command line
  -ki <uint>     - designate starting key index (default=0)
  -o <file>      - output goes to file instead of stdout
  -a             - input-at-once; output written back over input;
                   stdin unsupported
  -buf <uint>    - size of file read/write buffer (default=102400)
  -q             - quiet; outputs only errors
  -?             - this help

NOTE: data specified on the command line should be quoted, especially when
      spaces exist