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strlook command line help

String Look (strlook) v1.10 build 2304010 - File String Search Tool
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2023

  strlook [options] <string> [<file_spec>[<file_spec>...]]

  <string>        - search string is 1st non-option argument (REQUIRED)
  --              - the double-hypen sequence signifies the end of command-
                    line switches (which themselves begin with a hypen); this
                    allows subsequent string string and/or file_spec(s) to
                    BEGIN with a hypen.
  -x              - interpret search string as a binary literal; string must
                    consist of hex digit pairs (whitespace ignored)
  [file_spec]     - 2nd and successive non-option arguments are file
                    specifications designating one or more individual files
                    or masks (wildcards supported); otherwise stdin is used.

  -?              - this help
  -m              - enable summary report
  -i              - case insensitive search (ASCII range)
  -w              - whole words only - requires matches to be surrounded by
                    whitespace or non-alphanumeric printable boundary chars
                    (i.e. ASCII codes 32-47; 58-64; 91-96; >=123)
  -s              - walk sub-directories rooted at each file spec path
                    in search of filename portion (wildcards or not); e.g.:
                      c:\*.txt     //search all .txt files on drive c:
                      c:\Makefile  //search all Makefile files on drive c:
  -e              - stop upon any file-read error
  -f <*t|b|a>     - search files of specified type: [t]ext-only,
                    [b]in-only, OR [a]uto (detect file type)
  -t <n|*l|#|c|o|m> - text file line-output format can be: [n]one,
                    [l]ine-only, [#] number+line, [c] match-count+line
                    [o]ffset+line, OR [m]svc_format (MSVC++ IDE)
  -c <e|d|*a>     - color mode can be one of: [e]nable, [d]isable OR [a]uto
  -v <0|1|2>      - filename messaging verbosity:
                      0=quiet   (no filenames)
                     *1=normal  (matching filenames)
                      2=verbose (all filenames searched
  -d              - enable debugging messages
                    (binary auto-detection; stdin details; eff.cmdline)
  -o              - hex dump: disable address/offset column
  -h              - hex dump: disable character column
  -l              - hex dump: show padded decimal byte values
  -u              - hex dump: show hex digits in uppercase
  -r <rowsize>    - hex dump: row columns (default=16)
  -b <rowcount>   - hex dump: context rows before match (default=1)
  -a <rowcount>   - hex dump: context rows after match (default=1)
  -n              - create default config at C:\tester\strlook\strlook.ini
                    and exit. This allows user to change colors and set
                    other configuration variables (e.g. cmdline_append).
                    valid color values are found in the Windows API
                    documentation for SetConsoleTextAttribute().
                    hex values optionally supported with "0x" prefix.
                    color value defaults include current console background.

* denotes default