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strlook changelist

2023-04-01  1.10    -new text output option: matchcount + line
                    -bugfix: no-files-found warning is now issued when no files are actually searched
                    -cmdline help improvements

2023-03-30  1.00    -support for strlook.ini file (checked in same directory as .EXE) where colors can be changed
                    -support for cmdline_append variable (via INI file) to set command-line defaults
                    -bugfix: "unexpected search" error when searching binary files that are zero bytes

2023-03-01  0.98    cmdline changes, stdin handling and verbosity output improvements:
                        -bugix: cmdline data after -t, -f or -c sub-options could be ignored/misinterpreted
                        -extended -v switch for a total of 3 verbosity log levels (0=quiet,1=normal,2=verbose) to implement quiet mode
                        -stdin handling changes:
                            -removed cmdline option -0; stdin is now implied when no input files specified
                            -stdin data detect and defaults tweaked when being used

2023-02-28  0.97    -stdin now supported
                    -bugfix: 64-bit sized files now display consistent padding in address column in hex dumps
                    -cmdline help clarifications

2023-02-24  0.96    -added remaining hex dump display options to command-line

2023-02-24  0.95    -initial public release