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str command line help

string transformation tool (str) v1.23 build 2107262 - a string swiss-army-knife
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2018-2021

  str [options] <string> [arg2] [arg3] <action> [...<actions>] 

performs given action on a string, whose result can be input into subsequent
action(s); actions may be chained together from left to right.

  -f <file> - load string from specified file
  -g        - get next string from clipboard
  -s        - set current text/result string to clipboard
  -c        - *case sensitive (applies to CMP)
  -i        - case insensitive (applies to CMP)
  -o        - *do not unescape C-style sequences from cmdline strings
  -u        - unescape C-style sequences from cmdline strings
  -e        - *STRIP actions retain linefeeds (CRs and LFs)
  -n        - STRIP actions STRIP linefeeds (CRs and LFs)
  -v        - *verbose output
  -q        - turn off verbose output
  -?        - this help

* denotes default

  -out      - output string in its current state; default at exit
              <string> -out
  -len      - get length of current string
              <string> -len
  -uc       - uppercase the string
              <string> -uc
  -lc       - lowercase the string
              <string> -lc
  -ic       - invert the case of the string
              <string> -ic
  -b64d     - base64 decode
              <string> -b64d
  -b64e     - base64 encode
              <string> -b64e
  -urle     - url encode (standard): all non-alpha escaped except -_.
              <string> -urle
  -urld     - url decode
              <string> -urld
  -rev      - reverse the position of the characters in the string
              <string> -rev
  -sort     - ASCII sort the characters in the string left to right
              <string> -sort
  -uniq     - shows sorted string with duplicate characters removed
              <string> -uniq
  -indexof  - show base-0 position of substring; -1=not_found
              <string> <substring> -indexof
  -stripws  - strip whitespace: ASCII 9,10,13 and 32
              <string> [character_replacement] -stripws
              modified by -e and -n arguments
  -stripnp  - strip non-printable characters (i.e. keep ASCII 32-126)
              <string> [character_replacement] -stripnp
  -skip     - skip every other char OR specify size
              <string> [skip_length] -skip
  -hex      - show hex representation of string
              <string> [row_size] -hex
  -cmp      - integer result of comparison between two strings;
              <string> <2nd_string> [compare_len] -cmp
              modified by -i and -c arguments
  -substr   - substring extraction
              <string> <index> [length] -substr
  -obs      - symmetric offset obfuscation (rudimentary encryption)
              <string> <key> [ascii_lo] [ascii_hi] -obs
              default ASCII range is printable chars 32 thru 126
  -sr       - search and replace
              <string> <str_search> <str_replace> -sr
  -triml    - trim-left (leading) whitespace
              <string> -lt
  -trimr    - trim-right (trailing) whitespace
              <string> -rt
  -trim     - trim all surrounding whitespace
              <string> -t
  -betweene - returns the substring between two anchor strings, exclusive
              <string> <substr1> <substr2> -between
  -betweeni - same as between but the returned substring includes the anchor