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str changelist

2021-07-26  1.23     -removed pointless size limitation on the output of multiline strings
                     -fixed typos and minor refactoring of the command line help (and version resource)

2021-03-10  1.22     -added cmdline actions -betweene and -betweeni

2020-04-20  1.20     -added whitespace trimming capabilities (-lt, -rt and -t)

2018-09-08  1.18     -bugfixes: numeric result actions no longer output results twice in verbose mode and a few
                      other output inconsistencies fixed

2018-09-03  1.17     -added cmdline actions  -ic, -obs

2018-08-31  1.15     -added new action: -substr
                     -replaced global options -a stripchar, -l charlength, and -r rowsize() with context-sensitive parameters:
                        -hex now recognizes row_size param
                        -skip now recognizes skip_amount param
                        -cmp now recognizes cmp_len param
                        -stripws and stripnp now recognize replace_char param
                     -bugfix: search and replace crash bug fixed when larger replacement also embedded search pattern
                     -bugfix: len and cmp now correctly write verbose-output to console, instead of being part of result-string

2018-08-27  1.1     -added url encode/decode actions

2018-08-27  1.0     -initial public release