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peupdate command line help

PE Update (peupdate) v1.50 build 2104051 - a mini PE editing tool
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2021

  peupdate [options] <input_file_mask>

If no action options are specified, only information about the PE file is
displayed, but changes are not saved. Multiple files can be processed
in the same way when the input file mask contains wildcards.

  input should be an executable PE image (i.e. EXE, DLL, SYS)

[pdb options]
  -c        - completely clear PDB path
  -k        - strip PDB path (if it exists), keeping only the filename
  -u <str>  - update PDB path with string

[checksum options]
  -f        - force calculate image checksum with or without changes; this is
              required if checksum is previously set to zero.
  -n        - don't save updated image checksum on update when checksum
              is not previously set to zero.

[timestamp options]
  -t <time> - update the PE timestamp with specified literal 32-bit value if
              numeric (e.g. 0=NULL timestamp); an exact date/time may also be
              specified in the following format: <[Y-M-D] [H:M:S]>; or "now"
              to use the current date and time; e.g.:
              -t "2012-12-21 13:00" //exact time
              -t 14:00              //current date at 2pm
              -t 0:00               //current date at midnight
              -t now                //current date and time

              NOTE: Not all PE timestamps represent actual times. For example,
              this field is used to store a hash for newer Windows 10 modules.

  -l        - display timestamp in local timezone; default=GMT/unaltered

[other options]
  -r        - remove (zero-out) MS "Rich" header if present
  -s        - search subdirectories when file-mask contains wildcards
  -q        - quiet; less-verbose output
  -?        - this help

* denotes default