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hashfile command line help

hashfile v1.1 - file hash utility
copyright (C) bytepointer.com 2008-2015

  hashfile.exe <hash_algorithm> [options] [input_file]

  An input file may be specified as the data to be hashed; if a file is not
  specified, data may be specified with -d switch.  If no file is specified
  and no -d option is given, input will be read from STDIN.

  -md5           - Message Digest Algorithm / series 5
  -sha1          - Secure Hashing Algorithm 1
  -sha256        - Secure Hashing Algorithm 2 / digest 256
  -crc32         - CCITT Cyclic Redundancy Check-32 bits

  -d <string>    - data to be hashed specified directly on command line
  -u             - digits (e.g. hex) are output in uppercase
  -v             - verbose; outputs algorithm and data size
  -?             - this help

NOTE: data specified on the command line should be quoted, especially when
      spaces exist