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gethttp command line help

GetHTTP v1.00 build 2101030 (OpenSSL 1.1.1h) - HTTP/S Console Client Tool
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2021

  gethttp [options] <url>

[header options]
  -r <referrer>     Set the request referer header string (URL)
  -u <user-agent>   Set the request user-agent header string
  -h <header-line>  Append a single custom HTTP header line; CRLF is appended
                    automatically but you are responsible for the HTTP 1.1
                    header syntax (i.e. two values separated by colons);
                    don't forget to quote your command strings as necessary;
                    multiple  -h options are processed in order they appear
                    on the command-line
  -t                Don't send Host header; useful when Host header is set
                    manually with -h such as when an IP host is used in URL

[other options]
  -q                Less-verbose output (no cert info, request, summary, etc.)
  -n                Don't require validation of server certificate
  -o [filename]     Send server response to specified output file (or try to
                    use the filename at the end of the URL)
  -b <bytes>        Explicitly set IO buffer size; default=102400 bytes
  -d                Output debugging info; currently this only shows byte-
                    counts for each buffer of sent/recv data
  -w                Enable direct console writes for HTTP-entity data;
                    this option also disables end-summary info