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disasmdump command line help

Disassembler Dump (disasmdump) v1.66 build 1701160 - 32-bit x86 disassembly dump tool
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2017
freeware / GPL disassembler routines copyright (c) 2007-2013 Oleh Yuschuk

This program is free and open-source software. Please see the headers of the
bundled source code for licensing and other detailed information.

  disasmdump [options] [data_bytes]

  data may be specified directly as zero-padded hex digits, where two hex
  digits delineate each byte - spaces optional; e.g.: 90 33 C0 83 C4 04


  -v        - enable verbose output (PE info and ending totals summary)
  -b        - disassembler: show numeric constants as unprefixed base 10 values
  -u        - disassembler: uppercase output
  -g        - disassembler: show default segments
  -1        - disable address column
  -2        - disable opcode column
  -3        - display character column (default=off)
  -r        - disable colors
  -n <uint> - indent each disassembly line by this amount
  -c <uint> - specify opcode column size (default=24)
  -d <uint> - specify disassembly column size (default=32); affects position of
              char column when specified

  -f <file> - disassemble contents of specified file instead of on cmdline
  -p        - PE pointer mode; this mode requires an input file and alters the
              the -a option behavior to take a pointer address instead of a
              file offset; when -a is unspecified (or zero), disassembly begins
              at the address of the module's code entry point.  In this mode
              the maximum amount of bytes that can be disassembled is to the
              end of the PE section that contains the address.
  -a <uint> - start disassembling at specified offset of data; when the -p option
              is used, this option specifies a pointer address into PE image.
  -i <uint> - initialize disassembly address (eip) numbering with specified
              address for display purposes; when -p is present, the eip value is
              automatically determined and this option is ignored.
  -s <uint> - only disassemble complete instructions up to this size;
              by default, the disassembler attempts to disassemble all data as
              it is sequentially encountered, even if the
              last instruction results in a partial instruction (disassembly
              instruction results in "???"); by specifying a smaller size
              with this option, the trailing data may be used by the
              disassembler to complete the last instruction if it is a partial
              one; in the case of a partial instruction, the data size
              disassembled would be slightly more than amount specified here;
              this value cannot exceed the size of the passed data.
  -?        - this help

NOTE: numbers given for the options above default to base-10; to specify hex,
binary or octal values, please prefix with "0x", "0b" or "0" respectively.

Special thanks to to Oleh Yuschuk for publicly releasing the source code
to the OllyDbg Disassembling Engine v2.01 from which this tool is based.