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disasmdump changelist

2017-01-16  1.66     -we now retain existing background attributes while changing foreground colors for syntax
                      hilighting rather than assuming black; the "ugliness" of the previous behavior is apparent
                      when using a background color other than black.
                     -added version resource
2016-10-19  1.65     fixed bug caused when disassembled opcode column contained symbols (such as ":") that were counted as opcode numbers;
                     this could result in premature truncation of trailing opcode values and misaligned columns, but only when colors were

2016-08-17  1.61     minor fixes:
                        -disassembler hex output option -x removed as it is now the default; for base 10 numeric constants, you must use the new option -b
                        -fixed bug in cmdline help (previously named -o option references should have been -a in help for option -p)
                        -removed dead code for brackets for operator/symbol coloring when brackets previously did not have their own color (no change to existing functionality)

2016-05-13  1.6      fixed bug in automatic section size-left calculation causing a section dump to be larger than
                     contents to back up the data in the PE image file (i.e. size as if loaded in memory); a
                     runtime check in the program would only be tripped (i.e. "invalid arguments passed to
                     disasm() wrapper") if the larger section extended beyond EOF, such as when dumping the entry
                     point of a UPX packed executable (as it is last section in file).

2016-02-15  1.51     renamed cmdline options for consistency with other tools: -a is now -i; -o is now -a

2016-02-14  1.501    some CRLFs that snuck into source code have been removed (not publicly released)

2016-02-14  1.5      added support for PE pointers (-p), PE entry-point default and character columns (-3 and -d options)

2016-01-25  1.02     verbose summary now details opcodes hilighted for partial instructions

2016-01-25  1.01     added opcode color (wOpCodePartial) and code to apply it when last instruction is a partial instruction
                     unconditionally uppercase hex bytes in opcodes column

2016-01-23  1.0      release - initial public version