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datesync command line help

datesync v0.99 - copy timestamps for matching files between trees
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2014-2015

  datesync [options] <destination_path> <source_path> [source_path2, ...]

Paths may be specifed simply as directories and/or masks to search
for pattern within directory as starting point. This utility doesn't care about
the relative location for the files, just that the filename portion matches
any given file in destination along with the file contents so the date information
can be checked and copied if necessary.

  /l          - list mode (don't make any changes to the system)
  /ns         - do not recurse subdirectories
  /y          - synchronize without prompting
  /noattr     - ignore attributes
  /nofx       - disable console colors/effects
  /sort_cdate - sort sources by creation date; default unsorted
  /sort_mdate - sort sources by modification date; default unsorted
  /sd         - sort sources in descending order if sorting
  /nomatch    - display files for which no source match was found
  /?          - this help

 * name, file size and content are used to determine equality between files
   Content comparison is performed on-demand for files using an MD5 hash
   and a given file will be scanned at most once.
 * sorting sources by creation or modification date is in ascending order
   by default, meaning if multiple source candidates are applied, the final
   candidate (latest date) will be the one that "sticks".