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bytepatch command line help

Byte Patcher (bytepatch) v1.3 build 1809180 - simple binary and PE patch tool
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2016-2018

  bytepatch [options] <input_file> [data_bytes]

  patch data may be specified directly as 0-padded hex digits, where two hex
  digits delineate each byte - spaces optional; e.g.: 33 C0 83 C4 04

  -f <file> - load binary data from file instead of command-line
  -a <uint> - specify patch start address; by default this value designates
              the base-0 file offset for which to beging patching specified
  -p        - this option designates that address argument (-a) is a pointer
              into specified input file rather than a file offset; the
              input file must specify a valid Windows PE image (EXE/DLL); when
              this option is used and no address argument is specified, general
              PE and section information is displayed for the input file.
  -b <uint> - in pe pointer mode, overrides preferred load address (base) of
              image for address calculations.
  -l <uint> - loglevel number (0=quiet, 1=normal/default, 2=verbose/debug)
  -d        - disassembly supported [disasmdump.exe FOUND!]
              enable pre and post-patch disassembly (x86 32-bit only)
  -da <str> - override disasmdump.exe arguments; please quote entire string!
              default arguments: -1 -n 24
  -t        - trial-run; execute normally, but patch is not written to file
  -?        - this help

NOTE: numbers given for the options above default to base-10; to specify hex or
binary values, please prefix with "0x" or "0b" respectively.