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bytepatch changelist

2018-09-17  1.3     -cmdline option -f added to load binary data from a file instead of the command line
                    -version resource added

2017-05-14  1.2a    -bugfix: defaulted to override base address 0, even when no override specified (ESSENTIALLY BROKE PROGRAM)
                    -ugly whitespace fixes

2016-02-14  1.2     -added to verbose output: osver, linkver, subsystem, characteristics, dll characteristics, section characteristics,
                     CLR (.NET) info

2016-08-17  1.11    -updated default disasmdump arguments to reflect changes in disasmdump 1.61 (i.e. -x option removed as hex output is the new default)

2016-02-14  1.1     -embedded manifest within EXE so UAC in Vista/Win7 doesn't think the tool needs privilege escalation;
                     (this is because the tool's filename contains the word "patch")
                    -code-entry point now displays in basic PE info and when relevant section is output
                    -when info on each PE section was dumped, there were 2 memory sizes and 2 file sizes
                     this was highly confusing; for most PE files, this can be simplified into 3 sizes with better
                     descriptions: sizeInMem, sizeInFile and realDataSize
                    -when diasmdump tool was not found, this was previously an error; this is now a warning (without disasmdump features)

2016-02-03  1.01    -PE code entry-point echoed in verbose logging (not publicly released)

2016-01-25  1.0     -initial public release