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bd command line help

Binary Dump (bd) v2.58 build 2101011 - general purpose binary dump tool (64-bit enabled)
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2008-2021

  bd [options] [input file]

[dump options]
  -s <uint>    - size of data to dump (default=256)
  -o <uint>    - starting file offset for dump or search (default=0)
  -e           - offset is relative from end of file
  -a           - display remainder of file from specified offset
  -qs <string> - start offset is based on occurrence of sequence
  -qe <string> - dump size based on ending occurrence of sequence
  -qxs         - exclude start sequence from dump
  -qxe         - exclude end sequence from dump
  -c           - enable case sensitivity for next search sequence (default=on)
  -i           - enable case insensitivity for next search sequence
  -f <file>    - dump selection to file instead of display
  -x           - interpret input as hex-digit pairs (whitespace ignored)
                 NOTE: this option is not compatible with -qXXX options
  -0           - (zero) read input from stdin; cannot be combined with the
                 following options: -s, -o, -e, -f, -qXXX 

[display options]
  -r <uint>    - bytes to display per row (default=16); if zero is
                 specified, address and char columns are disabled
                 and the character codes are output on a single line.
  -sep <char>  - separator between character codes (default=" ")
  -nosep       - designates no separator between character codes
  -na          - no address column
  -nc          - no character column
  -d           - display bytes in decimal (default=hex)
  -u           - uppercase hex digits
  -w           - enable direct console writes for "fancier" char column;
                 (default=off); causes non-printable control chars (code<32)
                 to be displayed according to the configured code-page;
                 otherwise control chars are displayed as a period chars.

[other options]
  -v           - verbose logging
  -?           - this help