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bd changelist

2021-01-01  2.58    -fixed dumb bug causing command-line help to not fully display

2020-08-11  2.57    -fixed bug in search algorithm (-qs and -qe args)
                    -removed MSVC runtime dependency

2018-01-31  2.56    -tidy UI: removed extra LF in summary (verbose mode) when dumping directly to file

2017-10-05  2.55    -new command line options: -0 (zero) to accept input from stdin, -x to interpret input bytes as ASCII hex digits
                    -some issued fixed with accessing files >4GB
                    -lame formatting bugs lacking the int64 size fixed

2016-12-09  2.5     -added case sensitivity/insensitivity cmdline options for sequence searching
                    -fixed search bug where non-unique pattern characters could cause infinite loop
                    -added version resource

2016-09-23  2.0     -linux build now supported
                    -added fast boyer-moore search capabilities (-qs, -qe, -qxs, -qxe) for automatic offset and dump-size determination
                    -added binary dump (-f) option
                    -added 64-bit file support for Linux version (BETA)
                    -command line switches changed to be easier to remember (and less lame):
                        -n: changed to -s
                        -rs: changed to -r
                        -fromend changed to -e
                        -dec changed to -d
                        -sep: broken into -nosep and -sep <char>
                        -cw changed to -w
2015-09-25  1.1c     first public release