Turbo Assembler  Version 2.0  Copyright (c) 1988, 1990 Borland International
Syntax:  TASM [options] source [,object] [,listing] [,xref]
/a,/s         Alphabetic or Source-code segment ordering
/c            Generate cross-reference in listing
/dSYM[=VAL]   Define symbol SYM = 0, or = value VAL
/e,/r         Emulated or Real floating-point instructions
/h,/?         Display this help screen
/iPATH        Search PATH for include files
/jCMD         Jam in an assembler directive CMD (eg. /jIDEAL)
/kh#,/ks#     Hash table capacity #, String space capacity #
/l,/la        Generate listing: l=normal listing, la=expanded listing
/ml,/mx,/mu   Case sensitivity on symbols: ml=all, mx=globals, mu=none
/mv#          Set maximum valid length for symbols
/m#           Allow # multiple passes to resolve forward references
/n            Suppress symbol tables in listing
/o,/op        Generate overlay object code, Phar Lap-style 32-bit fixups
/p            Check for code segment overrides in protected mode
/q            Suppress OBJ records not needed for linking
/t            Suppress messages if successful assembly
/w0,/w1,/w2   Set warning level: w0=none, w1=w2=warnings on
/w-xxx,/w+xxx Disable (-) or enable (+) warning xxx
/x            Include false conditionals in listing
/z            Display source line with error message
/zi,/zd       Debug info: zi=full, zd=line numbers only