Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it… on YouTube

Date:July 11, 2007 / year-entry #251
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Summary:What happens if you build a wooden horse, put some soldiers inside it, and then ask security guards if you can leave it overnight inside their complex?

What happens if you build a wooden horse, put some soldiers inside it, and then ask security guards if you can leave it overnight inside their complex?

Comments (15)
  1. Ben says:

    The Chasers are an awesome comedy group. One of the many things that I miss about home…

  2. TraumaPony says:

    Yes indeed :D

    I haven’t laughed so much in the last month as I did just now

    Strange, I don’t recall seeing this episode though.

  3. coldacid says:

    Oh, that’s just brilliant! My best friend just stated that we should give it a shot ourselves.

  4. Peter says:

    Suppose we build a wooden badger…

    (sorry, someone had to say it)

  5. Merus says:

    There’s some great stuff from the first season of War on Everything.

    This one asks some hard questions of airport security:

    They do a couple of crashing-news-conference segments; in one, they ask the politician/celebrity ten questions of varying relevance without letting them get a word in until they’re done. (Here’s Jimmy Wales being subjected to it: ) In another, they ask them a question from Trivial Pursuit. (Here’s one where they ask New Zealand prime minister Helen Clarke: )

  6. Matthew says:

    The Chaser is very popular here in Australia. All of this years series and much of last years can be downloaded from .

    Some of it will only make sense to Australians (since Americans likely won’t recognise our politicians, and won’t be aware of our current affairs), but much of it will make sense to anyone.

  7. Build a giant wooden horse, stick some soldiers in it, and see how many security guards repeat history…

  8. J says:

    This video is ancient in more ways than one.  It was posted on VideoSift almost two months ago.

    [You forget how long my article queue is. This post sat in the queue so long that the original YouTube link was mistakenly taken down, and I had to go find a new one. -Raymond]
  9. The Trojan Horse (from Ray )

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