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Date:June 29, 2007 / year-entry #235
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Summary:Random stuff.

A few random links that I've collected.

And then the obligatory plug for my column in TechNet Magazine:

Comments (11)
  1. David says:

    Thanks.  That’s two hours gone… :)

  2. Erzengel says:

    @A "Mixed" Blessing: I always found it amusing when certain game CDs I put in are categorized as "music". At the time I thought, "Well, I guess they just have a lot of music. But they have a lot of zip files, too, and exes. Shouldn’t it be an ‘application disk’ or ‘archive disk’?" (I didn’t know MS doesn’t have such a disk type) Now I actually know why. The CD in question has all of their music bare on the CD, while all the textures are in zips that are extracted to the HDD.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you could just add "… is a curious thing".

  4. Mr Cranky says:

    That article on "drop-shipping" was very interesting.  I got hit by one of those people a while back (selling a book on ebay/half.com).  Like the James P. Burke, I was suspicious, but I couldn’t see how it was any sort of scam.  I was also too lazy to do the digging necessary to figure it out.


    Also, "Young Woman Drawing" is awesome.  

  5. Ross Bemrose says:

    The IT Crowd!  I’ve heard that not only is production on the second season currently underway, but that there is also going to be a North American version of it ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0944954/ ), with everyone but Moss recast with different actors.

  6. Nikolay says:

    Doesn’t the woman in the "Young Woman Drawing" look like a little girl or is it just me?

  7. Craig says:

    I agree, "Young Woman Drawing" is beautiful. Thanks Raymond!

  8. Engrish says:

    Can anyone translate the russian blog to english, please.

  9. Mickey says:

    Hi Raymond!

    Have you ever had a look on the german translations of your TechNet articles? They say the author would be a certain Raymond Chens…

    Here is an example: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/technetmag/issues/2007/04/WindowsConfidential/default.aspx?loc=de

    [Noch ein Geheimnis der deutschen Sprache. Wenn Sie Deutsch lernen, dann werden Sie verstehen. -Raymond]
  10. Neil says:

    Reading the early history article reminds me that "Undocumented Windows" mentions Burgermaster; I seem to remember it was used to name some key kernel data structure.

  11. A.B.Leal says:

    Three remarks on the Villers painting:

    • About 40% of the canvas is taken by a four pane window.

    • The lower right glass pane is broken.

    • Through the broken glass, a couple on a terrace: the man’s period clothing and posture make him resemble a penguin.

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