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Date:July 27, 2006 / year-entry #253
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Summary:How were DLL functions exported in 16-bit Windows? How were DLL functions imported in 16-bit Windows? How are DLL functions exported in 32-bit Windows? Exported functions that are really forwarders Rethinking the way DLL exports are resolved for 32-bit Windows Calling an imported function, the naive way How a less naive compiler calls an imported...

Comments (9)
  1. GregM says:

    Do you have any articles (written or planned) on exporting and importing variables?

    [No. -Raymond]
  2. GregM says:

    Oh well.  I always thought it would be nice to know why sometimes importing a variable works fine (all modules work on the same variable), and other times it blows up in your face (different modules get different copies of the variable).  I try to avoid exporting variables now for that reason.

    [Sometimes I wonder why I bother having a Suggestion Box since nobody uses it. -Raymond]
  3. Brian says:

    Your suggestion box is actually very difficult to find, especially if you don’t know about it.

    [It’s on the navigation bar, what more do you want? Do I have to include a link to the suggestion box to every article? If you have concrete suggestions on how to address this, you can post them to the suggestion box. -Raymond]
  4. Nathan says:

    Shift the ‘Basics’ box to the top and make the font a bit larger. Does anyone actually use the calendar?

    [Those elements are provided by the blog server software; the only thing I can do is add links to the bottom. -Raymond]
  5. Nobody says:

    Sometimes I wonder why I bother having a

    > Suggestion Box since nobody uses it.

    Wow, I’m why!  Yup, I use it.

    > It’s on the navigation bar

    That was before it went bar hopping.  Now it’s on basics.

    > If you have concrete suggestions on how to

    > address this

    Well, you can ask every module and get a different concrete suggestion on how to address it.

  6. Jim Dodd says:

    This reminds me of the time when our company was small (10 people, we’re over 130 now) and we all did customer support. I took a call and answered a question and the customer complained that, since this was such an important point (to him at least), it should be in the manual. I told him is WAS in the manual. He said it should be in the the table of contents and the index then. I told him it WAS in the table of contents and the index. He paused while he looked it up and then said he couldn’t see it. I pointed out to him where it was found but he wouldn’t be beat. He insisted it should have been in bold face. He had me there. But if we put everything everyone thought was important in bold face, half the manual would have been in bold face.

  7. DLL的导出/导入机制到底是怎么实现的呢?本文通过引用大量的文章和对实际汇编代码的深入分析,理论联系实际,深入剖析了大量隐藏在背后的秘密。

  8. wishfly says:


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