Betsy’s interview tip: Wear pants

Date:March 10, 2006 / year-entry #90
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Summary:Last year, our retiring Blog Queen Betsy Aoki reminded us to wear pants.

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  1. Moi says:

    That comment doesn’t matter for the British, because unlike Superman we don’t wear pants on the outside.

  2. Vorn says:

    The formatting on your trackback post over there makes it look like poetry, or maybe something from A Softer World.

  3. :: Wendy :: says:

    I’m confused.  Betsy thinks we should wear pants because otherwise we might forget if we wore pants or a skirt?  Odd reasoning.  

    Or is there some more practicable reason for wearing pants during a microsoft interview,  like blowy-airvents in the floor creating uncomfortable drafts?

    Or are you more likely to ge tthe job because you look like you fit in because virtually no microsofties non-pants?  

    Historically I’ve been accused of overanalysing things,  what do you think?

  4. Jorge Coelho says:

    If you don’t wear pants, you’re female, your interviewer is male and your legs are really nice… well, his attention won’t be on what you say to him, but on your legs. And if your interviewer is female, she will be comparing herself to you.

    Blame it on human nature, not me. :-)

  5. Lascaille says:

    </blockquote>And if your interviewer is female, she will be comparing herself to you.</blockquote>

    Oho. Nice reasoning there!

  6. Meh says:

    I wear girls underwear when in interviews (im the interviewer)

  7. :: Wendy :: says:

    Looks like Jorg’s company would have a tendancy to make poor recruitment decisions merely because interviewers "attention won’t be on what you say to him, but on your legs" thereby being unable to actually appropriately assess the candidates skills relevant to the job.

    How about – when interviewing a company to recruit you,  wear sexy clothes and if they can still assess your intellectual skills and ability relevant to the job then they are worth consdering as an employer.

  8. Jorge Coelho says:

    Good reasoning, Wendy! :-)

    Anyway, I hope you realized I was joking, although there is some truth to what I said. Men will be men (and women, women) and there is nothing wrong with that. Women are perfectly conscious of the impact sexy clothes have on men – and if she tells you otherwise, she’s lying. :)

    Meh, you cracked me up! hehe

  9. :: Wendy :: says:

    I dont assume men are heterosexual so I cannot know what impact the subjectively sexy clothing is hbaving on them.  And I’m not lying.

  10. Jorge Coelho says:

    No, but now you are over-analyzing things. ;-)

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