Rory Blyth explains the difference between 720p and 1080i

Date:December 7, 2005 / year-entry #377
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Summary:720p vs. 1080i - The Great HD TV Debate EXPLAINED and SOLVED. So now you know.

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  1. Gabe says:

    Wow, that cleared everything right up for me! I never thought I would see a more cogent, decisive article on the web about this topic.

    Also, I found it interesting that he spelled "douchebag" correctly in the comic, but intentionally spelled it "dooshbag" in the rest of the post.

  2. Manip says:

    I thought I understood the difference before I read that, now I’m just confused and a little scared… :-|

  3. Wang-Lo. says:

    ‘Also, I found it interesting that he spelled "douchebag" correctly in the comic, but intentionally spelled it "dooshbag" in the rest of the post.’

    OMG u r so idiot hahazhhahhaa i wil esplain

    Well, the comic is Rory’s original work but the IRC log is all quotations. IOW Rory knows how to spell but A/V Geek #2 does not.


  4. James Day says:

    There are simpler definitions for males:

    1024i: perfect for seeing every detail of Miss World.

    720p: perfect for seeing the drops fo sweat falling off the face of a running fullback. But I still haven’t worked out why anyone would be interested in this…

    The more pragmatic definitions are:

    1024i: the cheap version of 1024p, whcih will be promoted as the next great thing for HD DVD a few years afer HD DVD is first released.

    720p and 104i: what you won’t be able to watch on your new $1,000 21" 19nnx1nnn display using Vista, unless you point a video camera at your new 15" display and relay that to your real monitor. That will be cheaper than buying a new 21" monitor.

    It’s not yet clear whether anyone will release a 6" monitor with built in camera to make the compatibily solution more convenient. :)

    Or you could just download whatever you’re trying to watch from the internet instead. It’ll probably be there within a day of first release or broadcast. :)

  5. glonq says:

    Tell us more about this ”1024i”, please.

  6. I don’t feel so bad about the school kid article now – we are all doomed.

    For anyone really curious, here is the executive summary:

    1080i is the lower quality picture because doubling the lines over time does not double the perceived resolution over having all the lines on screen at once (only increases it by about 20% or so, IIRC).

    On top of this, interlacing makes every thing that moves break up into ‘jaggies’, ‘ghosts’ and ‘venetion blinds’ effects, which is as annoying as hell.

  7. FPS says:

    US has better framerate than EU (60 vs 50 hz).

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