Norway works to lengthen its lead

Date:June 14, 2004 / year-entry #234
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Summary:Norway locks its grip on "Best place to live" status: Norway bans smoking in bars and restaurants. Smokers hanging around outside bars = new dating scene. As I pointed out last month, this then leads to... Norway is world leader in casual sex. Norway ranked as #1 best place to live. Shoulda studied Norwegian like...

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  1. Cooney says:

    First thought in my head:

    We’ve got lions, come to Kenya!

  2. matthew says:

    norway is also cold and wet and taxed to death.

    Still the air is nice and fresh, and if you like hiking and outdoors it’s a pretty nice place.

    But best place to live is something a resident of (for instance) Barbados, with beautiful beaches and sunshine, is likely to dispute

  3. Mike Dunn says:

    Oh thanks Cooney, now I’m gonna be singing that song all morning. :P

  4. zia says:

    beer in a bar ~$5000

  5. C-J Berg says:

    You’ll do just fine speaking Swedish in Norway! Or Norwegian in Sweden… :)

  6. Jerry Pisk says:

    For bans on smoking look at California. In most of LA/Orange county you can’t even smoke outside on the beach.

  7. Nate says:

    Yeah, but the rest of the headline: "At the same time they are among the least sexually satisfied citizens in the world, according to the latest findings in the Durex Global Sex Survey for 2003."

  8. Morten Hanssen says:

    And living in California would very likely make one wonder why Norway is voted the best country to live in. :) (I guess that’s a safe assumption, even though I have only tried living in Norway)

  9. Mike Dunn says:

    Actually in CA you can’t smoke anywhere indoors (excepting private residences of course, and specially-designated "cigar bars"). I couldn’t live anywhere that didn’t have a similar ban.

  10. Jerry Pisk says:

    Mike, in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, San Clemente and probably more cities by now you can’t smoke on the beach either, even though it’s outside.

  11. Factory says:

    The "Durex Global Sex Survey" is an internet survey, and thus is prolly not that reliable.

  12. Florian says:

    The WHO recommends a maximum of 20% of adult smokers? What kind of funny recommendation is that?

  13. Jerry Pisk says:

    They’re out of whack, my former government (Czech Republic) actually had a study made on how much money they’re going to save by having people die from smoking related diseases instead of living old on social security. Truns out a lot of smokers (I think the number is somewhere around 60% of the adult population in CZ) is a very good thing :)

  14. JamKnight says:

    I believe we are getting the same ban here in Sweden, so you did the right choice in picking Swedish :)

  15. dermot casey says:

    Ireland did this very successfully a few months ago. First country in the world to do so, and did it very successfully. Hey and everyone speaks English.

  16. Jerome says:

    Coming from the Old Europe, I’ve been living in Norway for almost 6 years.

    And I am just back from 3 months in one of the poorest country in South America.

    Never assume how you would feel in Norway based on those study results.

    I can really find a list of things that could make you feel bad there: the food, the darkness, the way doctors treat you, the difficulty to get to know the people, the fact that I would have a hard time to find a really trusting partner, the sometimes over exagerated woman freedom (don’t call me macho, come and live there first)….

    Every place has its positive and negative points. Norway is just what it is, another place.

    Some people feel very good there. I fell good, but if I could find a stable job in South America I would go there. I fell much more connected to people there than with scandinavians.


  17. Dave says:

    Forget Norway and Sweden, Denmark’s where it’s at. The climate’s warmer and the people more sophisticated than the rural Norwegians and the humourless Swedes.

  18. Raymond Chen says:

    If only you Danes had chosen a language that was easier to pronounce…

  19. Jonathan O'Connor says:

    New Word: "Smirting" = Smoking and Flirting. The new craze outside Irish pubs.

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  21. A Young 'un says:

    Don’t Scandinavian countries have really high suicide rates, or is that just a popular misconception?

    Well, at least no one has suggested Blighty’s a nice place to live…

  22. Inandjo says:

    Great, i can’t wait to go there, and have my fair share of it!!

    We now know where to go for "business" travel!!

  23. Swedish works just fine for us Norwegians. And the high suicide rates of Scandinavia is caused by the Fins I guess. They drink, smoke and die a lot. :-)

  24. Norwegian work ethic suffering.

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