Truckers block highway to protest high gas prices

Date:May 4, 2004 / year-entry #171
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Summary:To protest rising gasoline prices, a group of truckers abandoned their vehicles in the middle of the highway. It struck me as odd that a country that brims with anti-French rhetoric would adopt one of their protest techniques. Presumably they don't want French gasoline prices either.

To protest rising gasoline prices, a group of truckers abandoned their vehicles in the middle of the highway. It struck me as odd that a country that brims with anti-French rhetoric would adopt one of their protest techniques.

Presumably they don't want French gasoline prices either.

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  1. ATZ Man says:

    We could adopt the participatory political methods of the French citizen and they could adopt something "Anglo-Saxon."

    If it had been a bunch of French truckers it would have certainly been a bigger bunch. The LA protest will come to nothing. French citizens can topple governments with a decent showing at a protest, and it’s not like they change governments that often.

    Do you think the LA truckers consciously adopted a tactic from the French? Would it invalidate the protest if one of the few trucks had an anti-French bumber sticker on it?

  2. Mat says:

    In my best South Park voice —


  3. Daniel says:

    Well, you could send these truckers a photo from a german gas station showing the current gasoline prices from Germany.

    Currently 1 Liter is at abount 1.20 Euros (1,40 Dollar). Well, at least my car runs diesel, which is at about 0,95 Euros.

    To me, gas prices from US appear rather low.

  4. Mat Hall says:

    Considering the average UK price-per-gallon for unleaded petrol is £3.76, and the US price is around $1.80 (£1.02), we’re paying 3.7 times as much for it as you, so I think y’alls should stop whining. (And, if I might add, stop using it all up!)

  5. Mat says:

    US gas is cheap, relative to the EU.

    I think the difference is the US truckers were protesting cuz they can’t afford NASCAR tickets with the "expensive" gas.

    The French truckers were simply trying to surrender.


  6. Peter Evans says:

    Why are you equivocating a whole countries tactics with that of a few hurting independent truckers? Are you dissin’ yourself and your fellow countrymen? How unamerican of you to call these truckers desparate protesting techniques a countries only protest tactic. BTW, I am assuming your an American. :)

    Gas is priced very low in this country and let’s hope it stays that way. I think the price could almost triple before we start feeling the price-at-the-pump pain most other industrialized nations have.

    Oil… love it and hate it. This is only the beginning of the cycle of the economics of scarce oil. Just give it a decade.

  7. Peter Torr says:

    One thing that I think is funny is that petrol — a non-renewable resource — is so much more expensive than, say, orange juice, or milk, or probably even bottled water. All of which are renewable.

    And if the price goes up five cents then it gets a half-hour "Gas Price Crisis!" special on the news with interviews with all the horrified locals… yada yada yada.

    Funnier still — I saw an article somewhere that said the electic hybrids aren’t economically viable for most people because of the high purchase price and the replacement battery costs. You’d have to drive A LOT to save enough on petrol to make up the difference.

  8. Raymond Chen says:

    True about the hybrids. The goal of the Prius was to reduce emissions, not to reduce cost of ownership. The high mileage was a side-effect of the reduced emissions. It’s for tree-huggers not penny-pinchers.

  9. Mat says:

    We’ll lose our dependency on fossil fuels as soon as something else is cheaper. Even the most tree-hugging liberal out there knows that this economic theorem is true.

    Except the idiots that voted for the monorail… that thing makes me want to kick the dog…

  10. Florian says:

    Could it be that you mean to say that petrol is "so much less expensive"? Otherwise I can’t make any sense of what you said.

  11. AmazedKG says:

    Anybody know of the next protest? If you think about it,nothing got done about the high gas prices last year until people started standing together and protesting,Thou i agree it is very aggravating getting stuck in traffic and getting stuck at the pump for hours on end, and might not be the best way toget a point across ,and I think peacefully rallying in frount of our senators,congressmans,state reps. offices and even the white house,to let our nation leaders know where we stand on the gas prices

  12. AmazedKG says:

    Let me finish that now that I have reread it,lol,

    Peacefully rallying would be a better idea I think anyway,,

  13. says:

    you go guys and gals….you protest them high prices….i,ll will be rooting for you…joyce

  14. says:

    I think it is great. more people need to stand up to the government and make a point. My husband and I are independent truckers and the fuel prices are eating us alive. If everybody would stop for 1 week and not buy any fuel either gas, diesel, propane maybe the government would do something.

  15. AmazedKG says:

    Another good idea is;If your not gonna protest,and you decide to quit buying gas for a day r a week even, is to get more news coverage,I had to search for gas price protests to find out if there were any,You would think more people would be protesting by now,and to give credit to the ones that have,they either did’nt have media coverage,or they were censored out,I’m not sure which. I’m not a trucker I am a mother of a one year old, that lives 45 miles oneway from her job and have to debate on weather I buy gas to go to work on or do I buy a $5.00 gallon of milk for my son,along with fighting to keep the utilities paid, due to the rising cost of gas,,So for the ones that are peacefully protesting WAY TOO GOO;; for the ones that plan to peacefully protest GOOD LUCK,, aND REMEMBER EVERY VOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tim says:

    Good idea, but not buying gas on a particular day or even week will be more of an inconvenience to us than it will be problem for the oil companies. How about this:

    For the rest of this year, DON’T purchase ANY gasoline from The two biggest companies (which now are one), EXXON and MOBIL. If they are not selling any gas, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of Exxon and Mobil gas buyers.

    I am sending this note to about thirty people. If each of you send it to at least ten more (30 x 10 = 300)… and those 300 send it to at least ten more (300 x 10 = 3,000) … and so on, by the time the message reaches the sixth generation of people, we will have reached over THREE MILLION consumers! . .

    If those three million get excited and pass this on to ten friends each, then 30 million people will have been contacted! If it goes one level further, you guessed it….. THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE!!!

    Again, all you have to do is send this to 10 people. That’s all. (If you don’t understand how we can reach 300 million and all you have to do is send this to 10 people…. well, let’s face it, you just aren’t a mathematician. But I am… so trust me on this one.)

    How long would all that take? If each of us sends this email out to ten more people within one day of receipt, all 300 MILLION people could conceivably be contacted within the next 8 days!!!

    I’ll bet you didn’t think you and I had that much potential, did you?

    Acting together we can make a difference. If this makes sense to you, please pass this message on.

  17. Jason says:

    I’d like to see gas go up to about $3.00 a gallon. Wipe those greedy pigmobiles off the road. Don’t hate the oil companies, it’s like hating a drug dealer for your addiction. Where is it written in the constitution that cheap gas is a right? You’re lucky it’s not double what it is today.

    I can understand trucker’s pain, but it’s a level playing field and the economy will just have to adjust to higher prices.

    So quit whining about it already!!!

  18. Randall says:

    Stop filling up and buy half a tank at a time. In ten days there will be more fuel on the word market than they can sell, not stored in 100 million Americans fuel tanks ….just say half a tank please.

  19. Med says:

    Frankly I dont give a rats ass about gas prices in Europe. I live in the good old US of A and this is an econmic absurdity.WAKE UP AMERICA this is OUR COUNTRY…remember its WE The PEOPLE that determine our government.

    And We The People that can vote our own destiny. With rising consumerism and less concern for our land and resources we create what we complain about…perhaps its time for some change all around..PS regarding this war ??? WEapons dont capture people or change countries ideals they kill and destroy lives and moral Idea are what feed the hearts of men.

    How bout leadership with ideas that are worth backing ?

  20. Indian Woman says:

    Rising Oil Prices: Market Response or Corporate Profit Taking?…YOU DECIDE

    Oil Firm Above $41 as Inventories Shrink May 26, 2004

    Letter To California Attorney General Bill Lockyer: Shell Documents Give You Ability To Keep Bakersfield Refinery Open April 6, 2004

    ANALYSIS-Venezuela’s OPEC role limited by output, politics Reuters, 05.26.04

  21. Raymond Chen says:

    Okay I’m closing off comments to this item since it seems to have drifted into a discussion of oil in general (which was not my intent) rather than a discussion of protest tactics. Oil prices are a sensitive issue and I don’t want to turn into a forum for name-calling.

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