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Date:December 2, 2003 / year-entry #148
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Summary:This is the (future) new home of The Old New Thing. Just kicking the tires right now.

This is the (future) new home of The Old New Thing. Just kicking the tires right now.

Comments (10)
  1. Welcome Raymond, nice to have you around here!

  2. John says:

    Cool, so this is the "New" New Old New Thing!

  3. geraldH says:

    What was wrong with the other site? Just the fact that it was hosted on a dotNet-Blog server?

  4. Raymond Chen says:

    The site was a temporary solution from the start. The people who ran it had been investigating more permanent solutions (one that would scale with the increasing blog load on gotdotnet) and they selected as the new blog host.

  5. (6) says:


    I’m finding it quite hard reading the new blogs. All content seems to merge in together (comments and blog entry, time/date and comments). Is there anything you can do? Indent the comments perhaps?


  6. Michael C. says:

    Re: Hard-to-seperate comments – Looks to me like you can just style in some padding- or margin-top and perhaps a border-top to the H4, unless the H4 tag is widely used elsewhere.

  7. Hey..this new blog looks much better organised! Cool!

  8. Raymond Chen says:

    I tried adding a border-top to the H4 but it looked awful. I’ll keep tinkering…

  9. Michael C. says:

    Well, this is better, but the H4 line still looks like it could belong to either the section above it or below it… perhaps some added margin to the H4 or the p?

  10. Raymond Chen says:

    Okay I tinkered with it some more – I think this is pretty close to the old look now.

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