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Date:September 11, 2003 / year-entry #56
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Summary:Yes, I'm the Raymond that Kraig Brockschmidt is writing about when he discusses "Dress Like Raymond Day".

Yes, I'm the Raymond that Kraig Brockschmidt is writing about when he discusses "Dress Like Raymond Day".

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  1. johnkn says:

    Blue blazer and a tie if I remember correctly. <grin>

  2. Gary Pocock says:

    I thought from the tread that you knew about the precuser to windows? Obviously you son’t because this page haso reference to it?

  3. ZorbaTHut says:

    Brings up some interesting points about Microsoft culture. I was telling people for quite a while that Microsoft was reportedly a fantastic place to work . . . then they tried to hire me.

    I don’t know if it was just a problem with the guy who was headhunting me, or if it’s a problem with all of Microsoft, but he made it very clear that my opinions about what I wanted to do meant nothing to him. I’m a gamer, see – I want to make games. End of story. I told him this, and his response was "Well, I don’t think games are very important, and so I’m going to suggest that you work for our research department."

    Gee. Thanks for invalidating my entire life.

    Needless to say, I’m not working at Microsoft, don’t plan to, and no longer tell people that Microsoft is a good place to work. Even a practically doubled paycheck (which is what they were offering me), plus all the non-inconsequential perks of working at MS over working at a 15-employee company in Bellevue, isn’t worth giving up my plans for the future.

    So it goes.

  4. Raymond Chen says:

    Yup, blue blazer and tie. I’ve since explored other colors, though. Still wearing the hat, John?

    Zorba: Whoever headhunted you was a dork. Sorry you got soured on the whole idea by that recruiter. (I wonder what the recruiter’s reaction was once they discovered that Microsoft has an entire division devoted to writing games…)

    Gary: Not sure what you’re getting at. Do you want DOS stories?

  5. Kelli Zielinski says:

    Last month or so, Raymond showed up in shorts to pop in while on vacation. People actually came by to see because they’d heard rumors about it.

    Gotta second the opinion on Zorba’s experience – someone’s an idiot. It doesn’t make sense to tell someone that they can’t do what they love – people do better work when they love it. You can’t just shoehorn people like that. I honestly think you got a bad one, Zorba, but I hope you’ve got something good these days. ;)

  6. johnkn says:

    I lost that hat, but I have a new one just like it…

  7. Charles Oppermann says:

    I missed the Dress Like Raymond Day (AKA "Make Raymond Wear Normal Clothes Day"), but if I recall, you set it up as a charity fund raiser for your school, right?

    The picture of Raymond in the blue suit in back of David C’s pickup truck covered in ice and Dom Perignon is a favorite.

  8. Chris Baird says:

    Apologies for bumping an old entry.

    Did the DLRD occur or after before your success on the t-shirt competiton circuit?

    One year, you had boasted on winning the MS ‘Most Unique T-Shirt’ award (or was it the ‘Most Sexy T-Shirt’..) After reading Kraig’s account of your reputation, one must ponder the motivations of the judges.

    "Hey, Raymond made a special effort today.. Let’s give him a n-i-c-e reward to encourage him…"

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