Packing List for Microsoft Macro Assembler Version 6.00
        Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1986, 1990. All rights reserved.

DISK 1 : Setup disk

 Files                        Description
 -----                        -----------

binb\bind.exe                 Bound program creation utility
binb\cvpack.exe               CodeView information optimization utility
binb\exehdr.exe               .EXE file modification utility
binb\exp.exe                  File expunge program
binb\h2inc.err                h2inc.exe error message file
binb\h2inc.exe                C-header-file to MASM-include-file utility
binb\helpmake.exe             Utility to create/modify help files
binb\implib.exe               Import library creation utility
binb\lib.exe                  Library maintenance utility
binb\link.exe                 Linker
binb\masm.exe                 5.1-compatible command-line driver
binb\pwbrmake.exe             Browse database creation utility.
binb\rm.exe                   File deletion program
binb\undel.exe                File restore program

brief.ini                     Brief emulation macros for PWB
decomp.exe                    File decompression utility

help\cv.hlp                   CodeView help file

masm600.inf                   Setup program information file
packing.lst                   List of disk contents (this file)
readme.doc                    Documentation information for MASM 6.0

samples\demos\common.asm      Sample file
samples\demos\demo.h          Sample file
samples\demos\demo.inc        Sample file
samples\demos\file.asm        Sample file
samples\demos\filedemo.c      Sample file
samples\demos\filedemo.mak    Sample file
samples\demos\math.asm        Sample file
samples\demos\mathdemo.c      Sample file
samples\demos\mathdemo.mak    Sample file
samples\demos\misc.asm        Sample file
samples\demos\miscdemo.asm    Sample file
samples\demos\miscdemo.mak    Sample file

samples\include\bios.inc      BIOS Macros
samples\include\cmacros.inc   MASM 6.00 compatible CMACROS.INC
samples\include\dos.inc       DOS Macros
samples\include\macros.inc    Miscellaneous macros
samples\include\prologue.inc  Prologues and Epilogues

samples\mixed\basic.asm       Sample file
samples\mixed\basmain.bas     Sample file
samples\mixed\c.asm           Sample file
samples\mixed\cmain.c         Sample file
samples\mixed\fmain.for       Sample file
samples\mixed\fortran.asm     Sample file
samples\mixed\pascal.asm      Sample file
samples\mixed\pasmain.pas     Sample file
samples\mixed\qpex.asm        Sample file
samples\mixed\qpmain.pas      Sample file

samples\show\makeshos.bat     Sample file
samples\show\makeshos.cmd     Sample file
samples\show\pagerp.asm       Sample file
samples\show\pagerr.asm       Sample file
samples\show\show.def         Sample file
samples\show\show.inc         Sample file
samples\show\showp.asm        Sample file
samples\show\showp.mak        Sample file
samples\show\showr.asm        Sample file
samples\show\showr.mak        Sample file
samples\show\showutil.asm     Sample file

samples\tsr\alarm.asm         Sample file
samples\tsr\alarm.mak         Sample file
samples\tsr\bell.c            Sample file
samples\tsr\bell.mak          Sample file
samples\tsr\handlers.asm      Sample file
samples\tsr\install.asm       Sample file
samples\tsr\snap.asm          Sample file
samples\tsr\snap.mak          Sample file
samples\tsr\tsr.h             Sample file
samples\tsr\tsr.inc           Sample file

setup.exe                     Setup program -- installs assembler
tools.pre                     Sample macros for PWB

DISK 2 : MS-DOS Utilities disk

 Files                        Description
 -----                        -----------

cv.exe                        Real-mode CodeView debugger
fixshift.com                  Fixes BIOS bug for some compatible keyboards

help\ml.hlp                   Assembler command line help
help\qh.hlp                   QuickHelp help file

himem.sys                     HIMEM driver program
ml.err                        Real-mode assembler error file
ml.exe                        Real-mode assembler driver
mlx.exe                       DOS extender utility
mouse.com                     DOS mouse driver
nmake.exe                     MS-DOS program maintenance utility
nmk.com                       Real-mode PWB loader for NMAKE
pwb.com                       DOS Programmer's WorkBench
pwbc.mxt                      DOS Programmer's WorkBench
pwbed.exe                     DOS Programmer's WorkBench
pwbhelp.mxt                   DOS Programmer's WorkBench
pwbmasm.mxt                   DOS Programmer's WorkBench
pwbrowse.mxt                  DOS Programmer's WorkBench
pwbutils.mxt                  DOS Programmer's WorkBench
qh.exe                        MS-DOS Quick Help program
ramdrive.sys                  DOS virtual disk device driver
smartdrv.sys                  DOS disk cache device driver

DISK 3 : MS OS/2 Utilities disk

 Files                        Description
 -----                        -----------

api.lib                       Family API stub libary for Bound programs
apilmr.obj                    Gives bound programs 64K DGROUP
cvp.exe                       OS/2 CodeView debugger

help\utils.hlp                Utilities help file

include\bse.inc               OS/2 development include file
include\bsedev.inc            OS/2 development include file
include\bsedos.inc            OS/2 development include file
include\bseerr.inc            OS/2 development include file
include\bsesub.inc            OS/2 development include file
include\os2.inc               OS/2 development include file
include\os2def.inc            OS/2 development include file

ml.err                        Protected-mode assembler error file
ml.exe                        Protected-mode assembler driver
mshelp.dll                    DLL for Microsoft help system
nmake.exe                     OS/2 program maintenance utility
os2.lib                       OS/2 API library
pwb.exe                       OS/2 Programmer's WorkBench
pwbc.pxt                      OS/2 Programmer's WorkBench
pwbhelp.pxt                   OS/2 Programmer's WorkBench
pwbmasm.pxt                   OS/2 Programmer's WorkBench
pwbrowse.pxt                  OS/2 Programmer's WorkBench
pwbutils.pxt                  OS/2 Programmer's WorkBench
qh.exe                        OS/2 Quick Help program

DISK 4 : Microsoft Advisor disk

 Files                        Description
 -----                        -----------

alang.hlp                     Assembly language help file
link.hlp                      Linker help file
pwb.hlp                       PWB help file
utilerr.hlp                   Utilities error message help file