The following documentation pieces are provided with the Macro

  Microsoft(R) Editor User's Guide
  Microsoft CodeView(R) and Utilities Update
  Macro Assembler Version 5.10 Update
  Macro Assembler Programmer's Guide
  Macro Assembler Reference
  Microsoft CodeView and Utilities manual
  Mixed-Language Programming Guide

Executable files on the 5 disks are one of the following types:

DOS             Runs in real mode under DOS 2.1 or above
OS/2            Runs in protected mode of OS/2 1.0
Bound           Runs in either real or protected mode

The following files are provided with the Macro Assembler:

Disk 1, Root

SETUP.SUS       Setup Script File used by Setup.EXE
RUNME.EXE       Setup Script File interpreter (Bound)
SETUP.BAT       Batch file specifying RUNME.EXE be used for setup
README.DOC      Supplemental information
PACKING.LST     List of disk contents
MASM.EXE        Macro Assembler executable file (DOS)
CREF.EXE        Cross-reference utility (Bound)
SHOW.EXE        Sample program executable (Bound)

Disk 1, Directory MIXED

BA.ASM        BASIC-to-assembly sample source
CA.ASM        C-to-assembly sample source
FA.ASM        FORTRAN-to-assembly sample source
PA.ASM        Pascal-to-assembly sample source
MIXED.DOC     Information on mixed-language macros
POWER2.ASM    Assembly sample source 
BAMAIN.BAS    BASIC main program sample source
CAMAIN.C      C main program sample source
FAMAIN.FOR    FORTRAN main program sample source
PAMAIN.PAS    Pascal main program sample source
MIXED.INC     Include file for mixed-language macros

Disk 2

CVPACK.EXE    Debugging information packing utility (Bound)
LIB.EXE       Library Manager (Bound)
LINK.EXE      Microsoft Overlay Linker (DOS)
EXEHDR.EXE    Segmented EXE File Header Utility (Bound)
MAKE.EXE      Program Maintenance Utility (Bound)
SETENV.EXE    Environment Expansion Utility (DOS)
ERROUT.EXE    STDERR Redirection Utility (DOS)
EXEMOD.EXE    EXE File Header Utility (DOS)
EXEPACK.EXE   EXE File Compression Utility (DOS)
MOUSE.COM     Mouse driver

Disk 3

MACRO.DOC     Information on macros
BIOS.INC      Include file for BIOS calls
DOS.INC       Include file for DOS calls
E_AUTO.CV     Tutorial script file
M_AUTO.CV     Tutorial script file
Q_AUTO.CV     Tutorial script file
U_AUTO.CV     Tutorial script file
W_AUTO.CV     Tutorial script file
SHOWR.ASM     Sample program source
SHOWR.EXE     Sample program (DOS)
PAGERR.ASM    Sample program source (real mode)
CV.HLP        Microsoft CodeView Help file
CV.EXE        Microsoft CodeView debugger (DOS)
SETUP.SUS     Demonstration script file
DEMO.EXE      Demonstration program for CodeView (DOS)

Disk 4, Root

CALLTREE.EXE  Function labeling utility (Bound)
M.EXE         Real-mode Microsoft Editor (DOS)
RM.EXE        File removing utility (Bound)
MEGREP.EXE    Pattern searching utility (Bound)
UNDEL.EXE     Undeletion utility (used with RM) (Bound)
ECH.EXE       File used by M.EXE to echo characters (Bound)
EXP.EXE       Expunge utility (used with RM) (Bound)
FIXSHIFT.COM  Utility to adjust keyboard behavior

Disk 4, Directory EXT  (for use with Microsoft Editor)

EXTHDR.OBJ      Prolog object file for real-mode extensions
EXTHDRP.OBJ     Prolog object file for protected-mode extensions
EXT.DOC         Documentation on low-level editing functions
EXT.H           Include file for ME extensions
SKEL.C          Sample extension source code
SKEL.DEF        Module-definition file for use with SKEL.C

Disk 4, Directory INI  (for use with Microsoft Editor)

QUICK.INI       Quick-product initialization file
EPSILON.INI     EPSILON initialization file
BRIEF.INI       BRIEF initialization file
WS.ZXT          WordStar DOS extension
WS.DLL          WordStar protected-mode extension

Disk 5

ILINK.EXE          Incremental linker (Bound)
IMPLIB.EXE         Import library creation utility (Bound)
CVP.EXE            Protected-mode CodeView debugger (OS/2)
CVP.HLP            Protected-mode CodeView Help file
API.LIB            Family-API emulation library
APILMR.OBJ         64K stack object file (for use with BIND)
DOSCALLS.LIB       Import library for API
BIND.EXE           Dual-mode binding utility (Bound)
EXEC.EXE           File used by ILINK to invoke LINK (DOS)
OS2.INC            Root include file for OS/2 calls
OS2.DOC            Description of macros and include files
OS2DEF.INC         OS/2 common definitions
LINK.EXE           Segmented executable linker (Bound)
BSEDOS.INC         Base include file for DOSCALLS
BSEERR.INC         Base include file for errors
BSESUB.INC         Base include file for video, keyboard, & mouse
BSE.INC            Base include file for OS/2 calls
MAKESHOW.BAT       SHOW-program-creation batch file
MAKESHOW.CMD       SHOW-program-creation protected-mode command file
MASM.EXE           Protected-mode assembler (OS/2)
MEP.EXE            Protected-mode Microsoft Editor (OS/2)
PAGERP.ASM         Demonstration source file
SHOWP.ASM          Protected-mode source file
SHOWS.DEF          Module-definition file for SHOW stub file
SHOW               Make file for creating SHOW program
PTRACE87.PAT       Patch to debugger's "7" command
OS2PATCH.EXE       Executable file which executes patch (OS/2)