Microsoft (R) Macro Assembler Version 5.10 
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1981, 1988.  All rights reserved.

Usage: masm /options source(.asm),[out(.obj)],[list(.lst)],[cref(.crf)][;]

/a		Alphabetize segments
/c		Generate cross-reference
/d		Generate pass 1 listing
/D<sym>[=<val>] Define symbol
/e		Emulate floating point instructions and IEEE format
/I<path>	Search directory for include files
/l[a]		Generate listing, a-list all
/M{lxu}		Preserve case of labels: l-All, x-Globals, u-Uppercase Globals
/n		Suppress symbol tables in listing
/p		Check for pure code
/s		Order segments sequentially
/t		Suppress messages for successful assembly
/v		Display extra source statistics
/w{012}		Set warning level: 0-None, 1-Serious, 2-Advisory
/X		List false conditionals
/z		Display source line for each error message
/Zi		Generate symbolic information for CodeView
/Zd		Generate line-number information