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peupdate command line help

PE Update (peupdate) v1.30 build 1711120 - PE image pdb update and checksum tool
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2017

  peupdate [options] <input_file>

If no action options are specified, this program only displays information
about the PE image, but no changes are saved.

  input should be an executable PE image (i.e. EXE, DLL, SYS)

[pdb options]
  -c       - completely clear PDB path
  -s       - strip PDB path (if it exists), leaving only PDB filename
  -u <str> - update PDB path with string

[checksum options]
  -f       - force calculate image checksum with or without changes; this is
             required if checksum is previously set to zero.
  -n       - don't save updated image checksum on update when checksum
             is not previously set to zero.

[other options]
  -r       - remove (zero-out) MS "Rich" header if present
  -q       - quiet; less-verbose output
  -?       - this help

* denotes default