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peupdate changelist

2017-11-12  1.30    -added -r option to remove MS "Rich" header
                    -version information resource added
                    -detection of unsupported executable-types

2016-08-17  1.21    -added -n option to prevent the checksum from being saved on any updates when applicable
                    -in non-quiet mode, stored and calculated checksum is always displayed (and message indicating checksum status)
                    -refactored command line options to make more sense (force [-k] is now -f; strip [-p] is now -s;
                     list/info mode[-l] removed as it was always the default)

2016-08-15  1.20     non public release

2016-06-24  1.10     verbose output now lists CodeView PDB signature, a value utilized by Microsoft Symbol Server to match modules with corresponding symbols

2016-02-15  1.03     -added manifest to build so UAC in Vista/Win7 doesn't think the tool needs privilege escalation; (it has "patch" in the name)
                     -fixed bug where this tool reported ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION when opening itself; needed to pass FILE_SHARE_READ instead of 0 to CreateFile
2015-09-22  1.02     first public release