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killproc command line help

killproc v1.51 - process kill/list tool
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2002-2017

  killproc /l <substring>
  killproc <pid|process_name>

  <pid>               - specifies target process name(s) to kill
  <process_name>      - specifies exact process id to kill
  /l <substring>      - list mode: don't kill anything, just list all running
                        processes and command lines that contain specified substring;
                        process list is sorted by creation time, most recent last.
  /all                - when specifying process by name, apply action to all
                        matching processes
  /method:<*term|crt> - use TerminateProcess or CreateRemoteThread(ExitProcess)
  /code:<dword>       - specify exit code

* denotes default