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gethttp command line help

gethttp v0.91b - http 1.1 console client
copyright (c) bytepointer.com 2002-2015

  gethttp [options] <url>

  /proxy:<server>       - name of proxy server to use
  /proxyport:<port#>    - port of proxy server to use (default is 80)
  /username:<username>  - *sends username/password pair in GET request using
  /password:<password>  -  the RFC 2617 "basic authentication" scheme.
  /useragent:<String>   - includes optional agent String in request
  /referer:<String>     - includes optional referer String in request
  /unesc:<String>       - unescape special characters in URL
  /?                    - this help

NOTE: If the URL contains ampersand (&) or space characters, you will need to
      enclose it within double-quotes if running from a cmd prompt.

*WARNING: Basic authentication encodes username credentials using
          BASE64 encoding. BASE64 is NOT encryption and is as
          insecure as sending credentials in plain-text. Please
          refer to RFC 2617 (HTTP Authentication) for more