Dunkin Donuts vs. Krispy Kreme

Date:February 11, 2004 / year-entry #57
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Summary:Having grown up on the east coast, I imprinted on Dunkin Donuts. Once a month we would stop at DD on the way home and buy a shoebox of doughnuts. Toasted coconut and butternut, those were my favorites. Ironically, Dunkin Donuts is really a coffee shop disguised as a doughnut shop. (Doughnuts account for only...

Having grown up on the east coast, I imprinted on Dunkin Donuts. Once a month we would stop at DD on the way home and buy a shoebox of doughnuts. Toasted coconut and butternut, those were my favorites.

Ironically, Dunkin Donuts is really a coffee shop disguised as a doughnut shop. (Doughnuts account for only 20% of their sales; coffee 50%.)

So during my travels through Manhattan, I walked past one of the twenty-five zillion Dunkin Donuts stores there and popped in for a toasted coconut doughnut. One bite and I was a little kid again.

Some people say that DD's doughnuts are awful, but that's pretty much irrelevant to me by now. It's all about the memories that are invoked.

And besides, those people are wrong. I don't understand the appeal of KK donuts. They have no flavor; it's just sugar.

Comments (70)
  1. Sherrod says:

    I don’t know why, but Krispy Kreme is the only brand of donuts I can’t stand.

  2. Sean Brennan says:

    I completely agree with you Raymond. Its getting difficult to find anything but Krispy Kreme here in the Pittsburgh area. Some of the DDs are closing. Sad.

  3. w.h. says:

    I know exactly what you are saying. There are no DDs in the SF bay, either. The last time I was in Chicago, my wife picked up my favorite type of dougnut (bavarian creme) and it was just as good as I remembered. I, too, cannot stand Krispy Kreme.

  4. Mike Dunn says:

    Krispy Kreme only made it out to the west coast 3-4 years ago or so. I’ve only tried their donuts a couple times, but I agree that they’re rather bland. Winchells is the only one for me.

  5. Tim Smith says:

    Ok, I will buck the trend.

    DDs are just another version of the same old donuts you can get at 1000 different stores. They are nothing special.

    Krispy Kremes are unique (well not really) but taste great IMHO.

    They do seem to be donuts you either love or hate. I don’t understand why people stand outside a new store for days just to get them. Now that is crazy.

  6. Tristan says:

    I lived in NH for about 6 years and at first I absolutely hated DD. I thought the coffee was nasty and the donuts stale. But one day I woke up and realized something: I had to have a Great One Regular. Ever since that day, I would get one on the way to work (the donuts are still stale tasting, unless you get them at one of the "hubs" where they actually cook them). Now I live in North Dakota (state motto: "Just like Alaska, only not as exciting."). We have no Dunkies, but we do have a KK. They have decent coffee, and it’s really not the same, but the donuts are pretty good. And Raymond, I have to agree: I only had DD coffee for maybe 3 years but I relate to your story; somehow DD is just one of those cultural landmarks and I’m often thinking about how nice it’d be to be able to go out on a coffee run with some co-workers to Dunkin Donuts and get a Great One regular…

  7. Matt C. Wilson says:

    Anything but KK in Pgh? Maybe out in Cranberry or Carnegie. I still hit the DD on Liberty Ave at least once a week. KK doesn’t own the Golden Triangle yet. We’re still DD country.

    And I dunno what any of you are talking about, DD coffee is the best in the world.

    KK has one thing going for them. Popping a fresh, hot, plain ol’ glazed KK in your mouth is the greatest donut experience possible. But if they have to be room temperature, I’m with Ray – gimme a DD butternut. Love those crunchy crumbs.

  8. AndrewSeven says:

    Just sugar? What about the fat :P

    When they open a KK here in Montreal, it made the news.

    A reporter decided to do a "scientific" comparison.

    The big difference was that the fats in KK donuts melt at a lower temperature than those in Tim Hortons Donuts (TH is the same style as DD but better tasting)

  9. Eldo says:

    The hydrogenated fats used in these things are so bad that FDA would not even them for human consumption, if submitted today.

    But once in a month, even poison can’t kill you.

  10. Brian says:

    We can’t stand then KK "donuts" that have taken over our city here. There used to be good donuts from local bakeries at the groceries and the convenience stores, but KK took over those contracts (now everything costs 9 cents more).

    The KKs are like little dense blobs of nastiness and I won’t eat them at all. Now I eat donuts only when I can stop at the independent donut house, where they always have great yeasty donuts with lots of flavors and crispy soft cake donuts still hot.

    Our mayor talks about supporting local businesses and rejecting national homogenisation. When it comes to donuts, you must take his advice or suffer.

  11. tom says:

    I grew up living one block from a Dunkin’ Donuts and was a regular – first for the doughnuts, then for the coffee. For many years I thought ‘donut’ was the correct spelling for doughnut!

  12. Stef says:

    Mmm, Dunkin’ Donuts! It’s got to be filled with crufty New Englanders, though. I think that’s why I’m not a big fan of Krispy Kreme. I’d never even heard of it until I moved to Washington (coming from the East Coast) so it doesn’t have much appeal, anyway.

    Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is actually really good, though. I never realized it until it was too late, but someone recently pointed out that there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts in Renton.

  13. KC Lemson says:

    Now I’m curious what the other 30% of DD’s revenue comes from? Haven’t been there in years, but I don’t remember anything other than donuts and coffee… perhaps pop?

  14. Raymond Chen says:


    The other 30% comes from breakfast foods (bagels, muffins, egg sandwiches).

  15. MLW says:

    I’m apparently the odd one out, because I like both DD AND KK.

    Growing up in Chicago, it was Dunkin’ Donuts all the way. I still occasionally get a craving for the French crullers. Dunkin’ Donuts makes a large variety of donuts, and muffins, and bagels, and what not, and they <b>all</b> taste good, even at 11 at night.

    I didn’t have my first Krispy Kreme until I’d moved to Boston, and they opened one up in Malden. They make really good glazed donuts. That’s… about it. The glazed are really really amazingly good though.

    So when I want glazed donuts, I usually vote KK. Otherwise, DD, please.

  16. keithmo says:

    I always preferred DD’s namesake: The plain cake donut with the built-in handle so you can "dunk it" in your coffee. Mmmm….

  17. Catatonic says:

    The KK donuts seem like they’re just sugar pucks filled with air, compared to the big, heavy Tim Horton’s donuts (and Tim Bits!) I grew up with.

  18. Paul Wilson says:

    KK all the way! DD is boring.

  19. Tim Marman says:

    I’m from Long Island originally and live in NYC now.

    Krispy Kreme is ok, but it’s no Deez Nutz. The first example I will use is that I can’t buy an "omwich" at KK. I won’t go any further.

    My girlfriend (coincidentally, from Pittsburgh, like one of the earlier comments) likes KK. I think she’s k-krazy..

  20. Marc says:

    Well, the only *REAL* donuts are made by Tim Horton’s up north – neiter DD nor KK can even dare to compare to those yummies! ;-)

  21. SteveM says:

    Wow. You guys all eat way too many doughnuts :-)

  22. Tim Smith says:

    I have been in Edmonton Alberta for 8 months and have never had a Tim Horton’s donut. I’m starting to worry the RCMP (Royal Candian Mounted Police) are going to track me down.


  23. Mark G says:

    Right on!

    I was born on the east coast and still live here. And I really do prefer DD to KK. In particular, nothing tops the delicious Boston Creme of DD. KK cremes by comparison are not nearly as fluffy and the creme isn’t as good.

  24. black__omega says:

    I’m from the south and I’m Krispy Kreme all the way, DD is pretty so-so by comparsion to me.

  25. Here in Chicago, I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts, but, Krispy Kreme does the school fundraiser thing, so we’ve often got somebody selling donuts from them.

    We actually had a semster long economics class that used krispy kreme sales to study economics in the school. Neat idea I thought. I still brought my dunnkin’ donuts in rather than buying from them.

  26. Jeffool says:

    I grew up in South West Georgia, and all we had was Krispy Kreme. I never had a Dunkin Donut until I moved to Orlando January of 2003, and I must say, I’d have been better off sticking with KK. I just don’t see what the big deal about DD is, but to each their own I guess.

    Though in the same vein, I always had KK growing up. When they started spreading I saw the news stories of people lining up overnight and… well… people are nuts.

    As a sidenote; our store back home, before KK got as popular as it is now, had a really old sign out front. For years they had this ‘old-style’ sign with neon letters, only one was busted. And for years the sign read "KRISPY KREME DOUG NUTS".

  27. Mark says:

    I worked for Krispy Kreme for about a month before becoming sick from being around all that fat, and quitting. Their secret to success is this: Customer Service. That’s right, the doughnuts can taste like shiat, but if the customer is happy, they will still buy them. Every employee is trained to have a hot glazed doughnut in the customer’s hand within 30 seconds of walking in the door. Delivered with a smile of course. The free doughnuts make the customer happy. Also, we are trained to upsell, like if you were to buy 6 doughnuts, someone would say: "You know, sir, for only $1.92 more, you can have a full dozen." The customer happily obliges, having bought more than they came in wanting. Krispy Kreme is number one in customer service. Many resturants are basing their customer service procedures on those from KK.

  28. jdzions says:

    Mark is completely right: Tim Horton’s rules. And I wasn’t even born in Canada. (I was living there during the last Quebec Secession vote; living through the interminable press coverage earned me the Honorary Canuck Tocque, though.)

    I grew up on Dunkin’ Donuts. They’re okay. Krispy Kreme? Their namesake doughnut is, in a word, vile. Their other donuts aren’t bad, but DD is better, and Timmy’s is, well, fabulous.

    DD coffee *is* good. But their decaf usually sits and cooks too long, making it drinkable only when freshly brewed. Some states they’ll just do that for you; other places they’ll glare if you request it. Imagine that. :-)

  29. Kelli Zielinski says:

    Besides, you have to like the name. Dunkin’ Donuts. I mean, it just rolls off the tongue. And they spelled "Dunkin" just right.

    ((Ah, yes, the confession: my maiden name was Dunkin. And no one could spell it right unless I associated myself with donuts…))

  30. Wild Bill says:

    Krispy Kreme sucks. But here in NC people think they are the "greatest donuts ever made". I don’t get it.

  31. Walt says:

    After all the hoopla here in Seattle when the the first KK opened I was expecting fantastic donuts. Talk about disappointment. When a co-worker brought in a batch I ate one. It had to be the worst donut I ever ate. It was all sugar.<p> So I was told that you had to eat one ‘fresh’ from the store. That one tasted like sweet air. I’m glad to hear that I not the only one NOT liking KK food.

  32. Rico Mariani says:

    My reaction to KK donuts was — "Oh look, a donut"

    I didn’t experience cosmic oneness.

    Maybe I should have eaten two?

    There was a DD shop a few blocks from my place. Lots of great late night coffee memories there. Donuts optional :)

  33. caleb spiars says:

    DD is the best no other can comare even though this is a kk vs DD and the DD is the better and Kk Sucks

  34. proloy says:

    i think kk is better than dd but if it is coffe only dunkin coffe, nobody can beat them

  35. Ken says:

    DD is of course better, maybe this is because i’m an employee…..they’re still better

  36. Geno says:

    KK is a mouth full of sugar. To sweet and texture. DD coffee is the best. Not burnt like Starbucks.

  37. mmm doughnuts says:

    KK is soo many times better than dd’s. They are so light and fluffy especially off the conveyor belt. Eat a doughnut when the hotlight is on and tell me those are not the best doughnuts you have ever had! That is the best time to eat them. They are an institution here in the carolinas. They even set a one week record when they opened a KK and sold almost $480,693 worth of doughnuts and coffee in a new minnesota store. They also had 4+ reporters to cover the story! kk all the way

  38. Stanley White says:

    As a Massachusetts native, the home, then and now, of Dunkin Donuts, (4,000 US locations, 5,500 worldwide) I cannot fathom what anyone sees in Krispy Kreme’s undersize, overcooked, tasteless blobs of sugardough?!

    Krispy Kreme(394 US stores), is a triumph of mass deluision. The product tastes like newspaper; there is nothing to reccomend it. A comparison with Dunkin Donuts begs the question; there is nothing to compare. DD has nothing to fear from KK.

  39. Jackie says:

    Growing up in Chicago, I’ve been surrounded by Dunkin’ Donuts.. For a few years, I was a regular, especially since my older brother worked there for a while.. What really attracted me to it was the good coffee and the plain donuts.. Also, this particular store was connected to Baskin Robbins so I often went there for the milkshakes and ice cream, yum.. Now, I only go there once in a while to get my coffee.. There’s a Krispy Kreme right around the corner and the doughnuts are DELICIOUS!.. However, I try not to eat them so ofter as to not get tired of them.. They’re good, though, and they’ve helped me financially with the fund raisers I’ve been able to do..

    .. al RATOS..

  40. Stephen S. says:

    DD is the only plase where I can get doughnuts that I can eat till I get full. I eat just 2 KK and I start getting queasy.

  41. Lynn says:

    Edmonton here and I heard in a few months( maybe 5) we are going to have our first KK.

    Its suppose to be on the southside,anyway-people are really happy that we are getting one.Tim’s has no customer service and don’t make good donuts anymore cause the aren’t fresh.They come from Toronto FROZEN,no kidding Global news ratted them out!!

  42. I live in Little Rock and it seems like Krispy Kreme doughnuts just made it out here. I remember seeing a picture of their doughnuts and they look absolutly aweful, even the name makes me want to puke. Everyone likes it and always talks about it, "hey dem kripy kreme doughnuts be goood" Its like the starbucks of doughnuts. I refuse to eat there.

  43. S.Naylor says:

    We used to have a DD here in Texas, but it was closed down, I’m NOT happy about that! We can get KK but only in the grocery stores, and they are not fresh, and way to high! PLEASE bring Dunkin Donuts back to Texas!

  44. Daisy says:

    I lived off of DD munchkins when I was little and ever since we moved to TX I couldn’t get any! there are some KK, but they are awfully sweet and boring. Luckily I’ve found a DD that opened recently and am enjoying the jelly donuts and muchkins again!

  45. Richi says:

    DD sucks, Krispy Kremes rocks! Duncan Donauts are good but Krispy Kremes Skool DD. You can feel the KK donut melt into your mouth I don’t know how people say that DD is a lot better than KK. The People that say that suck because KK rocks! Thats all I got to say. Except for I LOVE KRISPY KREMES!!!!!!!

  46. bobbi-jo says:

    kristpy cream is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!

    dunkin donuts take a hike youll never be as good as krispy cream……..

  47. tia qt says:

    Dunkin Donuts is off the chain! Krispy Kreme

    can’t touch them!

  48. L says:

    Dunkin’ Donuts are stale, thick doughnuts. They are cakey, and less like doughnuts than KK’s. You can have a box of KK doughnuts, and they’re pretty fresh for awhile. Not DDs. KK has the right idea–fry those bad boys, serve them hot like you’re suppose to, and make them melt in your mouth. That’s how a real doughnut is made, and KK made making real doughnuts into a heavy $$$ making franchise.

  49. Eric says:

    KK opened up thier first location not to long ago in Montreal, now there are 4 here. I was a big fan of DD but they are closing up here. Tim Horton’s used to be good but now I find their donuts stale most of the time I go and little selection. KK on the other hand offers not just their trade mark donut but a variety of donuts with fillings and glazes.

    Granted KK donuts are high in fat and sugar, but what donut is good for you. Eaten in moderation there should be no problem.

    I applaude KK for coming into this area not only to offer us donut lovers something different but perhapsd will give some incentive to DD and Tim’s to shape up and start to sell a better quality product !

  50. Mike says:

    Any thoughts on how DD vs KK match up in the coffee wars? I’ve just recently tried KK’s donuts (I am a lifelong DD fan) and was impressed. However, I still feel as though DD has a stronghold on the morning commuter stopping to grab a coffee. Thoughts?

  51. diego says:

    i love krispi kreme

  52. Dan Garcia says:



    Seriously though, I miss Dunkin Donuts. My wife and I drove an hour to buy dunkin donuts even though there are two Krispi Kreme shops in town. They are bland and I hate that they ran DD out of town.

  53. jag says:

    I grew up in Quebec with DD. Love them. I’m in Calgary now and until just recently I could only eat donuts from Tim Horton’s. KK just opened, I tried one tonight. It was a terrible sugary experience. I feel like throwing up! I’ll never eat a kk dounut again.

  54. DRC says:

    I grew up in Chicago with Dunkin Donuts everywhere, and absolutely love their coffee. But their Donuts are seldom fresh, and the person behind the counter is rarely friendly or courteous. I love the KK namesake donut, but the rest of that stuff they have that they call donuts is just nasty. But like someone mentioned earlier, friendly service goes a long way. Even though I pass 4 different DD’s on my way to work, I now stop at speedway to get my coffee :) .

  55. dd says:

    I own a DD in this area….there are many more coming….KK has actually helped our sales tremendously…our coffee is far superior and they don’t carry bagles or muffins….plus we have a much greater variety…they just sell mainly glazed…they aren’t bad but they are very different from what we sell…rumor has it that most of their stores are not doing well that is why you see them everywhere else.

  56. e.gallagher says:

    dunkin donuts in orange park florida is not a place to go for fresh donuts.years ago they had good food but its changed hand several times.i tryed it this past week about730 am and they tasted stale.even my daughter said this.i really crave for one but have to go over to the one in baymeadows for fresh donuts

  57. KJbmax says:

    I grew up on the west coast where Dunkin Donuts and winchells were the only chains available, most winchells are now gone with exception to one or two that I know of (another one just went out) I always liked DD better. Choc Creme or Vanilla Creme are my favs (no one makes anything like them) but now the nearest DD is 350 miles away. Krisy Kreme is like a plauge up here they are springing up everywhere, and people rave about them, but they taste like gooey sugar (when warm) otherwise they aint nothing special to me, I think they should be called Krusty Kreme.

  58. P. Acfalle says:

    I LOVE KRISPY KREME! Their doughnuts are so much better than Dunkin’ Donuts. I have compared the two and KK has a taste that will wake up your taste buds. The hot glazed doughnuts are so delicious. Dunkin’ Donuts on the other hand i would compare to hospital food. BLAND! Hardly any taste to them. They can’t even compete with KK. So all you Dunkin’ Donuts lovers out there (You ALL Are A Dying Breed!) Get over it! Krispy Kreme is taking over! GO KRISPY KREME!

  59. Krispy kreme mystery says:

    I like kk. They rock. Anyone who doesn’t sucks!!!

  60. Lisa Mongon says:

    I think the krispy kremes are quite delishious. They are much better than that old dunkin donuts. DD is just a cofee shop kk is an auctal donut shop.

  61. elysia says:

    I have had both KKreme and DDonuts-grew up with both… and there is no comparison. Dunkin Donuts are the very best of the ‘corporate’ donut makers. All of the varieties are big, light, and very flavorful.

    The last time I got a KKreme donut it was tiny, maybe weighed 1/8 ounce, fit in the palm of my hand- and from the taste of it most of that weight was from grease and sugar. Thats all they taste like- sugar.

    I think with KKremes ‘popularity’ (read Flash in the pan Fad) they are cutting back on both size and quality while they raise prices- 75cents for one tiny glazed donut?

    KKreme will start feeling it soon, I dont care how ‘faddish’ a company’s product is- people are discriminating enough to kill a product that doesn’t meet standards.

  62. amanda says:

    u ppl r gay lol

  63. renee says:

    All I have to say is I cry myself to sleep for another chance to have a DD. When I was little I would get this donut that was filled with pink frosting and towered with more pink frosting and sprinkles. They closed when I was 7 and never came back.

    I’ve had KK once and it just wasn’t the same. Come back to me my DD!!!!!

    Alaska sucks.

  64. Victor Rivera says:

    If you want to eat a real good donuts

    try GRANNY’S KITCHEN LTD From New York.

    Better than KK & DD.

  65. hey you guys who owns krispy cremes

  66. Unco says:

    KK opened up in SYDNEY…but it is 1-2 hours drive from the city…and people would cue up for 30minutes 2 get donuts….

    thats right…they are huge in sydney

  67. d-dawg says:

    kk rules the earth, dd begone, nuff said

  68. rasman says:

    I love DD. True Sometimes you can get a stale donut, depending on the time of day. However, KK is the nastiest thing I have ever eaten in my life. It even has a slightly bitter aftertaste (form the over heated oil?). Anyway, I hope that like minded individuals will buy DD more often to keep them in business, just so we don’t have to eat the Krispy Cr_p.

  69. Raymond Chen says:

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